Inspirational Ideas For Your Auction Finds

Although I would hardly describe myself as arty, I do like to have a go at doing something a little bit different, on this page I am going to try to show a few crafty/interior designy things that myself, other staff members or clients of the auction house have come up with. If you would like to send anything in to me to put on here, my email address is

This page is designed as a blog space, more personal than professional, I hope you enjoy!

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17/02/16 I think most of us could hold up the guilty card when it comes to spoiling our children – I am guilty of rewarding my son with Lego when he has given me an easy day in the work/mother juggle, but after receiving a large collection of miniature silver pieces into the auction rooms I was quite amazed to learn that these were often gifts for children in the Georgian period. They would place them in their dolls houses or simply play with them as an independent toy. I thought they were sweet before, now I think they are a fabulous piece of history. Coming up for auction 20th February 2016 bid live

15/02/16 Valentine’s Day may have just passed but the romantic sounds from a harp could be yours to keep forever. I don’t think it needs any real dressing to show off but so that you can imagine it in your home…pictures are from & The harp is Lot 40 20th Feb 2016 bid live

harp lot 40

06/01/16 Why I am drawn  to them I do not know, but I love old ladders and as there is one coming up this Saturday (Lot 111) I thought I would put a little collage together to see just how beautiful they can be…

ladders 6 jan16

I do love the rustic look and thought for those like minded this might help with inspiration (scene settings from & other items pictured up for auction 9th Jan @ 10am

rustic jan16

04/01/16 Happy New Year! after having a wonderful time with my family over Christmas surrounded by decorators the magazines came out… Flicking through the Evening Standard Magazine, I came across a fabulous personalised Louis Vuitton luggage trunk and aside from dreaming about holiday it reminded me that we had a very similar looking lot in the next sale – okay not LV but the price tag isn’t as high either! I have to say I love trunks and have one full of hats and various fancy dress accessories, another full of games and another with stationery they are wonderfully exciting to open and unpack and great to just throw things in without the need for display. With double purpose storage they also make great coffee tables…


 04/01/16 I also noted from my flicking through that the Retro look is still very much en vogue so I put together a few lots below for the fashion conscious.. Scenes provided by and  furniture items in other images are for sale @ 10am 9th Jan 2016 

retro lounge 4 jan 16

How about a retro kitchen? Furniture items under the hammer 9th Jan 2016 @ 10am

retro kitchen jan 16



You will need to create some seat pads (just a bit of thick hardboard & a bit of wadding should do) and wrap the seat covers in whatever fabric you choose, securing it in place with a staple gun, I quite like what has been done painting the wood in the above pictures too. Thank you to, & for allowing me to use their pictures to illustrate what can be achieved with a little imagination!

12/11/15 Okay I cannot wait any longer – sorry but it’s everywhere I go tempting me to talk about it…… ..arts and crafts idea No. 1 for Christmas

I think Home Made Snow Domes are very cute, it doesn’t need to be in a jam jar, you can use any glassware and put whatever you like in,  Lots 979, 1003, 989 & 687 have some great glassware in and putting in a toy from Lot 777 would really make a little one smile. How to below picture:


(snow globes found online ( &, Buff Strickland Photography)

You need to have:

A Glass Object with a lid/cork/stopper of some sort, if your item of choice doesn’t come with one, cut a circle of card (if no liquid)/plastic and glue to seal

If metal anti rust sealant

Clear Drying Expoy (type of glue)

Cold Boiled Water

Glycerin (used to keep colours in cooking)


Now let’s make it!

* If your items is metal paint with sealant

* Stick Your treasure to the lid with the Expoy & leave to dry

* Fill Jar/Container with the water

* Add a dash of Glycerin

* Throw in the Glitter!!! (or faux snow if you prefer)

* Pop the lid/base on and your wonderfully personal globe is complete

11/11/15 Flicking through the Evening Standard Magazine the other day I noticed how the 60’s/70’s look and industrial style furnishing seems to be very much En Vogue, so for all the fashion lovers out there….

11/11/15 Continuing with the Industrial/Rustic/Vintage/Antique Theme for kitchens, spotted these room settings online (ourvintagehomeloveblogspot, marchi group & The lots that would be at home in this setting are in the 14th November: buckets Lot 943, Bar Stools Lot 38, Bottles Lot 836, Scales Lot 926, Wall Hanging Box Lot 74, Wheel Lot 37, Coat Hooks Lot 35 & Box of Bottles Lot 915)

nov ind kitchen

28/10/15 I am still continuing with the Chinoisery theme, loving the blue & white look, the items around the edge can all be found in our sale on Saturday 31st October

blue and white


28/10/15 I am always being told how lucky my little boy is as I work in the auction house and he gets vintage toy cars or expensive gifts that my pocket couldn’t stretch to if they were new, so I thought I would put a post for those with a special little boy in their lives.

little boys


19/10/15 Just had a look at some of the items coming up in our sale on the 31st and feeling a bit inspired by the Chinoiserie screen and thought these room settings were just beautiful found on


16/10/15 Slightly late to post about tomorrow’s sale I know I am sorry, most of the things in this sale are fabulous without the need for too much imagination….

30/09/15 I am looking to do up my house and the moment and as much as my husband feels it is a higher priority to look at the outside of the house first, it hasn’t stopped me from considering what we might do with the inside and whilst viewing pages of wall papers I discovered vinyl coverings and wallpapers being used on furniture that really transformed pieces.

I also was taking a look at room settings….


jewel 1

jewel 2

10/09/15 some of the furniture items in our sale on the 19th September could be transformed and look wonderful in your home, to give you ideas…..

bathroom chairssept 19 table


All images used on this page have been sourced from Google/Bing Images unless otherwise stated